How to Find Free Puppies

If you are looking for a great new addition to your family, or even thinking of adopting a free puppy, knowing the risks and taking some precautions can really go a long way toward making the entire experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. Getting free puppies for adoption is [...]

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brown pomeranian puppy on grey concrete floor

The Dumbest Dog Breeds

There are many breeds out there that can make wonderful family pets but unfortunately there are also some breeds that are known for being the dumbest dogs on the planet. This is simply because there are certain characteristics that are common among dumb dogs and make them difficult to train. [...]

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medium short coated white dog on white textile

Dog Rescue in Texas

Dog rescue groups such as the one in Austin, Texas have opened their doors not just to find homes for dogs that are homeless, but also to help people with big dog projects. They assist people who want to take care of and train their very own pets whether it [...]

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